You Call, I Drive

Funny stories for some less than funny times! I've been working as a rideshare driver (Uber and Lyft) for almost five years.  That's 5,000+ rides!  Out of those rides have come some wonderful stories.  Funny stories, touching stories, stories that will make you scratch your head, there's even a little sex and money floating around!... Continue Reading →

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Foreknowledge’s Curse

Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig (2015) - With the lightest touch of skin on skin, Miriam Black will know the where, when, and how of your death. She will know in gruesome, soul-searing detail. And there is nothing she can do to change the vision. Three men will discover her “gift”, two may be doorways to... Continue Reading →

A Dying Lake and a Dead Man

Don’t Cry, Tai Lake by Qiu Xiaolong (2012) - Chief Inspector Chen Cao of the Shanghai Police is sent to a resort reserved for higher levels cadres in China. The compound is in a town he visited as a child and has changed as much as he has. During his stay, Inspector Chen meets a... Continue Reading →

When It All Just…Stops

The Arrest by Jonathan Lethem (2020) - When the fundamental forces in our lives stop-electricity, electronics, cars, guns, airplanes, telephones, what happens? There’s no cataclysm, just “The Arrest”, and then life goes on. But the world that Journeyman knew as a writer in Hollywood is gone. Eventually, he makes his way to his sister’s organic... Continue Reading →

The Textures of the World

I have been fascinated by the textures all around me for years. One of the things that appeal to me about photography is the boundary of vision. You only see a fraction of the world through the viewfinder, far less than your normal vision. As your field of sight is tightened, new details will leap... Continue Reading →

Another Obstacle In My Way

I’ve mentioned elsewhere that I am struggling to get back into reading again. That’s a sentence that I never would have thought would come out of my mouth. I have been a voracious reader my entire life. The stereotype of the kid who ordered to “Get your nose out of that book and go outside!”... Continue Reading →

The Unwelcome Voice

So, if I start telling you about a small "voice inside my head", you won't freak out, will you? Because, while it's a problem, it's not THAT kind of problem. I promise. I call this voice "The Critic". Some of you are nodding your heads now. You know this nasty little swine, don't you? I... Continue Reading →

Our Other Lives

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig (2020) - In the Midnight Library, you will find all the books of all the other lives you might have lived. And then go live them. Nora Seed arrives there, in this place between Life and Death, and sees the chance to change the misery and disappointment of her... Continue Reading →

Photo Challenge

Part of the reality of The Life Creative is that the other parts of our lives get in the way. I'll talk some more about that in the future. In the meantime, I took advantage of a day off and set out with my camera. I don't get as many photo days as I'd like,... Continue Reading →

Learning New Skills

One of the "discoveries" on my journey into watercolor painting is that I have no background in drawing. I am an inveterate doodler, but my preferred style there are geometric shapes. Flat squares, triangles, and -gons of various descriptions. Most of which is no help when I'm trying to paint leaves, trees, houses, and stuff.... Continue Reading →

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