Something old

Tree Poem

I said at the beginning that this would be a place for work past, present and future. Well there are few pieces of my writing older than this (there is one that I’m still looking for). I thought I’d share this. It’s from the 5th grade. Call it my first experiment with multi-media. My listed title is simply “A Story”. The writing assignment was to do a variety of writing styles and tasks. Twelve pages in a careful but rather uneven hand. I wrote about Venezuela (no idea), my good friend Karl, “The Mighty Me” (I may share that one someday too), Indian religion (Aztec actually), a horse story, a travel story, a fictionalized biography of Jules Verne and more. What made this assignment worth keeping was the fact that it was the first time a teacher had told me that I was good at something. Really good at something. So I’ve held onto to it all for these many years.

Miss Sarah Magee was a lady of somewhat advanced years (her hair in the class photos is pure white). On the cover of my presentation she wrote two things that I hold onto. The first line of her comment is “You have great ability”. I’m still trying to believe that Miss Magee. The third line says “You have been an interesting student”. LOL! I’ll bet I was. I guess I still am.

So something old today.


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