For All These Things…

  I am truly thankful.

For being 54 years old.  Not that there’s anything        special about 54.  It’s just that some people don’t make it this far.  Folks in my high school and college graduating classes have died already.  And let’s be honest, I came awfully damn close myself to not getting this far.

I try to remember that every day for me since October 26, 2010 is a bonus.  I have no guarantee that I’ll see the sunrise tomorrow.  It means I try (try mind you) to live each day with a little more care, a little more joy, a little more attentively.  It also means that some things that seemed so important to me in the past don’t seem nearly so important any more.

I do better some days than others.  But every day is a blessing.

And I am truly thankful.


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