For All These Things

I am truly thankful.

For some 35 years I have had a constant companion, friend, comforter, cheerleader and partner.  For many years she has been known as the Lady in My Life or my Lady Wife.  I met Donna at the Olde Union Theater at Edinboro State College.  Through good times and bad I have known that there was always one person who had my back and believed in me.

Let me share my favorite story about this amazing woman and her care for me.  We had been married for just a couple years.  Like many newlyweds money was tight and I was stressing about it a lot.  Stressing is one of my best things.  I felt frustrated that I couldn’t give her the little things let alone the big things.   Not that she had ever chafed because of it.  It was truly my problem not hers.  But it nagged at me, it gnawed at me.  I was letting it make me miserable.  I crystallized the problem by saying that I didn’t have enough money to even buy her a pizza (which was true if irrelevant as far as she was concerned).  The next thing I knew she presented me with a pizza.  She had gathered together all the pennies and change in the house and scraped together enough for that pie.

Not because she wanted it.  Because she knew it would make me happy.  That’s been her consistent M.O. for all these years.  I can mention in passing that something looks interesting and it will suddenly appear.  Taking care of me appears to make her happy.

She’s made me happy for 35 years.  Our 30th wedding anniversary is tomorrow.

For this I am truly thankful.


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