For All These Things…

I am truly thankful.

My relationship with church during my lifetime has been uneven let’s say.  Starting in first grade or so we went to church on a regular basis.  I still have my Sunday school attendance pin.  We moved, found another church and Sundays rolled on.  Unfortunately when I got to be a teenager the congregation didn’t seem very interested.  Which was too bad because my experience at church camp had gotten me very interested in a walk in faith.  In the end I walked away from church.

As an adult I eventually walked back in.  At the beginning it was because I had met the local priest away from church and liked him.  That got me through the door and some wonderful people inside got me coming back.

25 years later St Luke’s Episcopal church in Jamestown NY has become a vital part of my life. When times have been hard they’ve been there with support, help and food.  It’s gone beyond being friends.  These people are family.  A family that loves me, challenges me and has helped me grow.

For this I am truly thankful.


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