For All These Things…

I am truly thankful.

For wonderful parents.  Jack and Debby.  The Captain and the Nurse.  How do I even begin to describe these two people?  The most common description of my father I use is that he was a mechanical engineer by training and a Navy officer by choice.  His world was precise and logical and disciplined.  And that’s the world I grew up in.  For years I somehow categorized my mother as other than that.  It was only as I grew older that I realized that a nurse could be every bit as precise and logical and disciplined.  And that was the world I grew up in.

It was a world where I was encouraged to learn and more often than not challenged to “figure it out”.  It was also a world where I was permitted to go my own way and do my own thing.  The engineer’s oldest son wanted to be an actor.  He laid out the logical reasons to pick another path but when I said I understood and wanted to follow that dream I went with his blessing.

My mother taught me about caring for others.  When I need to be extroverted and social I find my inner Mom and channel that.  She was wonderful with people and they seemed to like her a lot in return.

I’m finding it hard to lay out specific points on what they brought to me as I grew up.  They were there and I always knew they were proud of me and loved me even if they didn’t say it much.  And I realize now what a great gift that is all  by itself.  I got so much more from them than that but that alone would have made them parents worthy of praise.

They are both gone now.  Both gone long before their time.  I think often that I wish they were here.  I carry them both with me every where I go so  I guess they are.

For this I am truly thankful.


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