For All These Things

I’ve noticed that I tend to do linked posts from week to week.  That’s because so many of the things in my life are linked.  Last week it was Youth Ministry.

This week it’s Youth.

I wonder if these young people know how much they’ve come to mean to me over the years.  How hard it is to see them graduate and go on to lives in which I usually (properly) barely figure at all.

It’s not that I want to be one of them.  I remember being a teenager and I see that much of it hasn’t changed.  So the whole “going back” thing?  Not so much.  At the same time I enjoy the energy (OK, most of the time I enjoy the energy), I enjoy the optimism, I enjoy the sense of a vast undiscovered future just waiting to be taken.  Having reached a point where my past out weighs my future they make me cherish these remaining decades.  The aspects of them that we adults should covet are the ones we CAN actually regain.

They laugh more freely than we do.  They believe more widely than we do.  They dream more extravagantly than we do.  We envy them ignoring the fact that WE are the reasons that we don’t still do those things.  Young people remind me that I can and challenge me to take the chance again.

For that I am truly thankful.


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