Reasons to hate the Internet

Rash on arm

Such fun

So I had a little run in with some kind of plant early last week.  I don’t see any evidence of Poison Ivy where I was working but  I ended up with this nasty rash on both wrists and a little bit on my right hand.  I find I don’t freak out about stuff like this as much as I used to so maybe there is an upside to having a stroke after all.  I now know what serious sh*t actually looks like.  So the small stuff is easier to treat with the appropriate amount of concern.  This is small time stuff.

It itches and it looks a little worse today than in that photo.  But it’s been several years since I had a bout of any kind of plant related contact dermatitis (love me those technical terms) so I thought I’d do a little research out on the Interwebs.

I should know better.

Depending on who you consult all the common treatments are either A: Just what you need to do, or B: A complete waste of time or possibly something that will make it all worse.  Hydrocortisone, antihistamines, calamine lotion, Fels Naptha (the solution of choice for my mother), alcohol wipes, you name it.  The opinions were all over the board.  When I decided to stick with the straight medical sites (Mayo Clinic, WebMD etc) I got a much more reasoned answer but one equally unhelpful.  Don’t scratch, do whatever makes you comfortable and wait it out.  Should be gone in 2 weeks or so (YMMV).

I swear one site recommended bathing several times a day, washing your clothes and bed linens DAILY for a week and a whole bunch of other advice that doesn’t seem to bear any resemblance to reality.

What is really obvious is that we truly don’t know a lot about this very common summer problem.  I see a product niche being overlooked.

So in the end I’m going to try to control the itching, dry it up a little and wait for the rash to go away.  Which was the plan BEFORE I wasted my time on the Internet.



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