Travels of the Cursed

Oh. My. God.

In my last post I noted my long standing series of travel “adventures”.  Well the biggest trip of my life is coming up (going to Germany) and it seems that the travel gremlins have decided to get a head start on it all.

I am flying out of Pittsburgh so I need to factor a 3 hour trip into my plans plus the recommended arrival time is 3 hours in advance of your flight for international travel.  So we had worked out a system where I would drive to my in-laws who live near Greater Pitt and leave my car there.  They would drop me off and pick me up.  Simple.  Lovely.

Not gonna happen.

On my way into work this morning the alternator light comes on.  Badwordsbadwordsbadwords.  I get to the office, jump out and take care of what absolutely HAS to be done there.  Jump back in the car and it fires up (Thank you Lord) and I head down to my favorite garage.  Explain that it’s kind of vital that this car runs for the next 24 hours and then go out for a bite of lunch.  Ended up having lunch with The Kid so that was cool.  Did some last minute shopping and the phone rings.  My mechanic wants to show me something, can I come right back while the car is on the lift?

This isn’t going to be good.

And it wasn’t.  Alternator?  Dead.  Can’t get a replacement part ($300+ for the part alone) till mid-day TOMORROW.  Badwordsbadwordsbadwords.  But take a look at your left rear wheel.  Umm, is it supposed to hang at that angle?  That would be…no.  The rear subframe has broken right where the suspension is attached to the car.  If the last little piece of metal lets go the wheel could basically fall off.  Like at 65 MPH on I-79 tomorrow.

So this car is NOT going to Pittsburgh.  This car may in fact be DOA.  But that’s another problem for another day.  I still have to get to Pittsburgh.  Talked it over with my Lady Wife and we decide to rent a car.  One way to Pittsburgh.  If we can.

Went to our local Enterprise and was told they have exactly one car that fits the bill.  One.  And it’s this one:

2013 Chevrolet Camaro

A car that screams “This guy needs a ticket!”

Yeah.  The last guy who rented this car (the folks at Enterprise tell me) got a ticket in it.  I’m leaving early and setting the cruise control to 63 MPH.


People keep telling me not to worry.

You people don’t know who you’re dealing with.




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