For All These Things

This may come as a bit of surprise to some given a previous post (Reasons to Hate the Internet) but I am thankful for the Internet.  The World Wide Web.  This alternately profound and ridiculous virtual world where you and I reside.

I am thankful for the access to massive amounts of information.  Even when a goodly percentage of it is outright lie and drivel.  For an information junkie like myself (mostly trivial information but hey) this is the ultimate playground.

I am thankful for social networking.  Yes, I’m thankful for Facebook.  I’m also found on a variety of other social sites but especially for Facebook.  It has reconnected me with family and friends.  It’s introduced me to a wide range of folks.  It’s made me laugh and made me cry.  It’s made angry and it’s made me proud.  Pretty good stuff I think.

I am thankful for the music and videos it opens to me.  YouTube and Noisetrade are just two examples of web sites that have helped me discover new things. Oh and web comics too!  And e-books!  Media of all kinds.

I like that I am listening to a pre-release stream of the new 10,000 Maniacs album Music From the Motion Picture as I write this post.

BLOGS!!!  I read at least a half a dozen blogs every day.  I track about a dozen on a regular basis.  And of course I write for three of them myself.

I like e-mail.  Not spam but e-mail.  It allows for quick communication that still offers the ability for detail.

I like the mindless amusement it offers.  Yes, there are days when I enjoy this bit a little too much but those are usually days when I need that little bit of escapism.

I like that while my wife is travelling for the next couple months the internet will keep us in touch.

Yeah, I like the

For that I am truly thankful.


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