Thoughts On – Writing

All of my life I have been a story teller.  My earliest memory involving stories is from kindergarten when I acted out the story of Abiyoyo as sung by Pete Seeger.  My memory says I was a hit.

As life went on I found more ways to tell stories.  I went on stage for the first time in fourth grade.  I learned to be a competitive speaker in high school.  In college I completely weirded out my freshman speech class by a dramatic reading of part of Harlan Ellison’s “I Have No Mouth But I


Must Scream”.  I told stories as an acting student and a radio DJ. After college I made  careers in radio and now the church by telling stories.

Along the way I began to write my own stories.  I’ve tried to use


all the skills, ideas and techniques I’ve learned over

the years to create the kind of stories I love to tell.  But I’ve hit an obstacle.
It seems that this writing thing is easy for as long as you’re only playing around.  When you decide you want to get serious about it the writing has a surprise for you.

It’s damn hard.

I’ve decided I want to up my game.  That means that instead of only writing when the inspiration hits I need to begin to work my craft.  Like swimming there’s only one way to do that.  You need to breath deep and dive in.  One of my favorite authors, Isaac Asimov, said that the hardest part of writing was getting your butt in the seat.

So here are my writing projects – to regularly post to this blog.  To regularly post to my media/technology blog “The View From the Phlipside“(which includes three radio scripts a week for the program of the same name), to finish editing the book of short stories I’m working on and to complete the novel that I began in 2009.  That seems like a lot of writing and it is.  That’s what’s been messing me up.  It seemed like too much writing.

What finally dawned on me is that I keep thinking that I have to do all that writing every day.  Quite simply that’s impossible.  Or at least impossible without throwing over all the rest of my life to the writing.  That’s not my goal.  My goal is to write and to make the commitment of the time needed to write.

So my plan is to write every day.  To write something.  Every day.

Because I have stories to tell.



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