For All These Things

I am thankful for the movies.  I have not always been the movie junkie I am today.  Watching movies on a Sunday afternoon probably got me started on this.  Back in the day Sunday afternoons were dedicated to the Sunday Afternoon Movies with Rege Cordic.  I remember seeing lots of John Wayne movies.  The movies could take me somewhere else, to be someone else.  My dad got the movie bug when he was in his 40s at the advent of the VCR.  He would tape the movies that played in the wee hours from stations that you could just pick up.  Seemed crazy at the time but along the way I discovered some really cool movies that I had never heard of before.

For the movie fan this is the golden age.  Starting with rental tapes, then DVDs, all movie channels on the cable or satellite and now streaming movies  you can see more movies than previous generations could dream of seeing.

I still love the part of the movie experience that takes me somewhere else.  Along the way I’ve learned to see and enjoy great writing, acting, directing and cinematography.  At the same time I’ve learned to love some really bad movies, movies that just didn’t have the budget or the talent to take off.  I love what I call “little movies”.  Movies made on a tight budget that make up for it with great scripts, great casts or just heart.

The movies make my life a far more interesting place to live.

For that I am truly thankful.


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