For All These Things

Sometimes my post are linked from week to week.  That’s because so many of the things in my life are linked.  Last week it was the guitar.

This week it’s Music.

I have sung most of my life.  For years my mother offered to pay for singing lessons when I was a teen and I always turned her down.  Silly boy.  I’ve never been much of a player of music (last week I talked about my struggles learning to play the acoustic.) but I have been a lifelong listener.  I even managed to turn it into a profession by becoming a popular music radio DJ for almost 20 years.  I will gladly listen to rock, folk, jazz and classical.  I will listen to a fair amount of pop, R&B, Soul, Blues, Gospel and Country (my first radio gig was at a country station where I got to explore a lot of country old and new.)  I have a limited taste for hip hop (I’m a middle aged white guy from the suburbs.  I am NOT the target audience for hip hop) and a very limited taste for most modern electronic and experimental forms of music.

Over the years I’ve discovered how much I enjoy Zydeco and traditional Greek music, and bagpipes,  and drum and bugle corps music among others.  Music that is well done and passionately played attracts me.

For that I am truly thankful.


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