For All These Things

Time to get back to this.  I need the reminder.

This one will sound strange but bear with me.  I’m headed somewhere with it, I promise.

I am thankful for my wife’s absence.

I have called her the lady in my life for close to 30 years.  In truth she has been a part of my life for nigh unto 40 years (37 this fall).  First a class mate, then girlfriend and then so much more.  We’ve been a couple for 36 years (there were some rough times at the start but they were entirely my doing), a married couple for almost 31 years.  That’s well over half of our lives.  We’ve been not-so-rich and pretty-darn-poor, we’ve been healthy and sick, we’ve moved together and separately, fought a little, laughed a lot and love one another like there was no tomorrow.

And I’m glad she’s been away.

My lady wife has been doing a long term temp job near St. Louis, Missouri.  She left January 5, has been home once since then, will be home in just under two weeks and then gone till the end of April.  And it’s been tough.  We’ve never been apart for this length of time since college.

And it’s made me remember.

Made me remember just how important she is to me.  How much I miss her physical presence, in every sense of that phrase.  After all those years it’s easy to become comfortable, accepting.  Easy to take someone for granted.  Not, I think/believe/hope, in any seriously bad way.  Just to be in a place where you are not as thankful on a daily basis as you should be to have found that supposedly mythological “soul mate”.

I did.  And I might have been on the way to forgetting that.  But now I can’t.  Because she’s been away.

For that I am truly thankful.


3 thoughts on “For All These Things

  1. I completely understand. I think a little “away” time is good for couples. It doesn’t make the separation any easier, but hopefully it will make your daily lives a little bit better when you are together again. Good for you. And for her. I am sure this time will only make your relationship richer. (and we really should try to do dinner – maybe after Easter when things slow down a bit?).


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