Time to Get Real

weight-loss-3I started with the best of intentions, I swear.

I want to lose this weight and I need some way of holding myself accountable.  The idea was that like my daughter I’d use my blog to do that.

I’ve been slacking off.  So we begin again.

(Let the record show that the photo used here is NOT me.  I’m not as bad as the guy on the left.  Next one over, sadly yes.  The guy on the right is the goal)

So I’ve been having a bad time of it the last couple weeks.  Two weeks ago I got down to 200 pounds.  A threshold weight.  The next week I gained two.  Bad but correctable.  This past week I gained two more.  At 200 I could just fit back into my “regular” pants.  Now I have to go back to my “fat” pants.  If you’ve fought this battle you know just how deflating that can be.  And deflating can turn too easily into defeating.

Now I’m mad.  And sad.  And feeling like I’m failing.  And I know that none of those feelings are helpful or useful or worth hanging onto.

So I begin again.  Back down to that threshold and then through it.  Back into those other pants.  Back into the shirts that don’t quite fit.

Time to hold myself accountable.  Time to get real.


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