Time to Get Real – Week of March 8


So I guess I should be encouraged.  I survived a week surrounded by Easter candy (which I ate, let’s be honest) and it’s been a rather down week emotionally for me.

And despite that I didn’t gain a pound.

At the same time I didn’t lose any either.  I keep hoping to get through that barrier weight and it’s another week of disappointment.

On the other hand my workouts continue to improve.  I’m working on the treadmill.  It began with walking for 30 minutes.  Then I started adding jogging segments.  As of this week I have managed to jog 17 minutes of the 30.  Doing it in streaks so Monday went 8 minutes of jogging then walked then 6 minutes of jogging then walked then 3 minutes of jogging.  I push in that first one to see how long I can go.  Under any circumstances the workouts are getting better.

I’m not losing weight but the body is tightening and firming and that’s not a bad thing either.

But I want that barrier weight.  I want it.

Official Weigh In Weight

200.6 pounds


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