Time to Get Real – Week of May 6



My apology for the sudden disappearance.  Although to be honest these posts are more for my own accountability than anything else.  But events have kept me from staying accountable.
It’s been a busy couple weeks with lots of travelling and work and other assorted excitement.  The problem is that those kinds of events can wreak havoc when you’re trying to lose weight.  I spend a fair amount of time in my car for my job which means eating “road food”.  It is certainly possible to eat well while travelling.  It’s harder to eat well when travelling on tight schedules.  Meals that can be eaten with one hand are more conducive to staying on schedule.

So two weeks without a report.  Lots of travelling.  Several big meals a week that are more about the company than the diet.  I approached the scale this week with a very large dose of wariness and resignation.

And got a delightful surprise.  The experts all talk about getting to a point where you think about food differently.  Where you make smart choices.  Part of that is choosing your moments to break discipline followed by smart eating and exercise.  I think I’m getting to that point.

Two weeks and all that other stuff and I LOST weight.  Not a lot but enough to put me back under that barrier.

Pardon me if I spend the week with a smile on my face.

Official Weigh In Weight

199.4 pounds


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