Time to Get Real – Week of May 13


This is almost spooky.

I’m on a streak of stress filled weeks.  Just a lot of stupid things that are bound and determined to make my life unpleasant.  Traditionally that is just death for any kind of weight loss or exercise.

Plus I’ve eaten out a couple times where I also have a tough time.  Had a couple beers, did a wine tasting.  Just so many potential land mines.  So once again I was ready to step on the scale and see bad numbers.  Maybe even slide back over that threshold.

So imagine my surprise…

Dropped another pound.  Maybe I am getting myself re-programmed to this new eating mode.  That would be great.

Two happy weeks in a row.  Love it.

Official Weigh In Weight

198.4 pounds


One thought on “Time to Get Real – Week of May 13

  1. Good for you! I am crossing my fingers for tomorrow’s weigh in myself, but at this point I am not holding out a lot of hope. Trip to Pittsburgh this weekend, so next week is shot already! Congratulations on your loss!


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