Time to Get Real – Week of May 20


OK this is a bad news/good news week.

The bad news is that I back slid a little.  I know that this is normal and I’m not making myself crazy about it but I had been on a little bit of a roll so I’m disappointed.

Here’s the good news.  For a variety of reasons we ate out a LOT last week.  Most of it was poor planning and laziness but there it is.  This is a blueprint for disastrous week.  Except I continue to feel the ability to control what I eat and how much.  That’s a HUGE breakthrough for me.  Even better it appears to be paying off.  With all the negatives going against me I gained exactly 1 pound.

In the end that’s a sign that I’m winning the war.  Slowly.  One step at a time.

Official Weigh In Weight

199.6 pounds


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