Time to Get Real – Week of July 15


It’s been a while, I know.

Life has been busy and challenging and lots of other things.  This blog is just one of several things that got set aside.  May or may not have been the right decision but it was the one that got made.  One way or the other.

This week we begin Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet.  My lady wife and I did it a couple years ago and had very good results.  We’re both stalled so we thought why not.  Phase 1 is the worst because you get no bread, no pasta, no alcohol, no sugar.  I miss the beer and wine and the bread.  But I know that I can survive.  Also the recipes have improved vastly in the last couple years.

With that in mind I hopped on the scale last week to see how bad things had gotten.  Much to my surprise I was at 196.8.  Given that a week at camp was included in the hiatus that is a fabulous number.  It continues to indicate that I am integrating the lessons about eating into regular life.  I had whatever I wanted in that time, just less and more carefully chosen.  That’s the Golden Ticket for me.

So this week I jumped on for the official “I’m back and counting” weigh in.  I knew I’d had a couple of those “the condemned man ate a hearty meal” moments when I treated myself before the discipline began.  And again I appeared to do pretty well.

It’ll give me something to smile about this week.

Official Weigh In Weight



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