Time to Get Real – Week of July 22


So the Phase I experiment lasted a week.  On Friday last my lady wife looked at me and said “This food makes me unhappy.  I don’t want to do this any more”.  Given that the same thought had occurred to me just an hour before we decided to move on.

We have not given up on correcting our eating or moving towards our goal of losing weight.  We just see no point in eating boring food.  And that has been our ongoing complaint with too many (but not all) South Beach recipes.  They fall into the “Once you get used to them…” category.


So we’re going to include the South Beach concepts in how we approach our eating from now on.  We’re going to watch portion size and we’re going to exercise.

Speaking of which I have been hammering the exercise.  Walking twice a day whenever possible just to get started.  My body is beginning to feel differently as things tighten up.

But the big question is the number on the scale.  I had hoped for 5 pounds and dreamed of 7.  I wound up at 4.  Part of me wants to feel disappointed and the rest of me just wants to dance.

I’ll take the dancing (besides it’s more exercise!)

Official Weigh In Weight

193.0 pounds


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