Time to Get Real – Week of July 29


I’d love to say “Back in the Groove” but it’s never that easy is it?  LOL.

I AM back to the weekly routine of checking in here at the blog.  On the other hand the weight loss thing didn’t go quite so well.

It didn’t go badly (no gain) but there was no weight LOSS per se.  After having decided to step off the South Beach Phase 1 band wagon I’m afraid we had a pretty bad week eating.  We ate out 3 times.  Friday night we met friends (which was very good) and I had 3 beers (which was VERY bad).  Balancing it all out was a pretty good week of exercise.  I worked out (which is walking and running right now) 6 of 7 days.  Even set a new personal best for my mile run.  The week before I had eaten better and got in two works a day 6 of 7 days.

So I’m going to take this weight and be happy.

Official Weigh In Weight



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