For All These Things

A year or so ago I started this series of posts.  There’s a very sound reason for why I wanted to do it.  I wanted to put more focus on the wonderful things in my life.

I’m a glass half  full kind of personality.

Oh hell, let’s be honest.  I’m the guy who will react to a compliment by telling you all the parts of whatever it was you liked that weren’t very good.  I’m the guy who sees every flaw in the Mona Lisa (the lighting is kind of weird and let’s face it, that’s a strange smile).

I am married to a woman who rejoices in all the good things in her life.  Even her husband, who tends towards Eeyore far more than she thinks is reasonable.  It’s not that she thinks life is perfect.  It isn’t.  But she sees the sunrise while I’m looking for storm clouds.

True story.  I once lost an entire night of sleep worrying about “what if the car breaks down?”.  The car was running fine.  Gave no indication that any kind of malfunction was coming.  I spent an entire night tossing and turning worrying about “what if”.

What if a meteor smacks you in your stupid head and puts an end to your silly worries, butthead?

So I started this blog series to try and focus on the good things.  The problem was that it felt like they needed to be BIG HAPPIES for which I WAS TRULY THANKFUL.

Have I mentioned I can be a butthead?  Yeah.

Then along came this post on, of all places, the “Scrawny to Brawny” blog.  I got there not looking to create a buff middle aged me but because a Facebook friend (Mindy Godfrey) linked to it.

Yeah, I get it.  I really do.  This is so me it’s not even funny while still being hilariously funny.

So from now on this series is back up and running.  If I get a BIG HAPPY to talk about I will.  Otherwise I’ll be writing about three everyday happies to be thankful for out of the daily happies that I intend to start looking for.

Shall we begin?

I found a friend to help me re-focus my spiritual journey.  She’s already been a big help.

I set a new personal best for my 1 mile run.

Oh yeah, and I found this blog post that just might change my life.

For that I am truly thankful.

How To Be Positive by Jason Lengstorf

Scrawny to


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