For All These Things

 One of the great aspects of my job as a youth minister is that part of my job is going to camp.  A fair number of you just rolled your eyes and groaned.  You thanked your lucky stars that it was me and not thee.

Silly people.

I will spend the week waking up on the cliffs above Lake Erie, a fresh breeze greeting me and the sound of the waves breaking on the shore.  I will spend my days surrounded by the energy of Junior High aged young people.  Sure it’s exhausting too but the reward is watching them grow a little.  Every once in a while you get to see a tumbler go click as well.

I enjoy working with youth.  The rewards of that work fall as much on my side of the equation as it does on theirs, I think.

Plus I still get to go to camp.  And get paid for it.

Three things this week:


My running got pushed to 1.5 miles and I’ve set a new personal best twice already.

Getting the chance to just hang out with my lady wife and enjoy this incredible woman’s company.

For that I am truly thankful.


One thought on “For All These Things

  1. My recent trip to South Africa was with 9 youth from our church, along with the youth director and his wife. It was amazing!! I did almost everything that they did! I kept the same hours. I loved every minute of it!! Working with youth keeps us young!


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