Time to Get Real – Week of August 11


I was afraid of this.

Camp is an AWFUL time to try and maintain weight loss.  The food is plentiful and carb heavy.  Plus there is a tradition that the staff cabin be loaded down with candy and other junk food for late night snacks.  We have to be out of our minds.

I keep trying to convince myself that I get enough “exercise” running around doing camp stuff but the reality is that I don’t.  Not nearly enough to make up for the junk I stuff down my throat when I’m tired or at the dining hall.

I would LOVE to claim that it’s other people’s fault but here’s the truth.  There was a pretty nice salad bar every day at lunch and dinner.  And no one held me down and stuffed the junk food down my throat after lights out.

This is mine.  I own it.  And now I’ll get back to getting rid of it.

Official Weigh In Weight

196.8 pounds


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