For All These Things

As I write this I have gone 11 days without a day off.  I have to work tomorrow as well so that will be a full dozen then I get some down time.

I don’t say that to show how hard my life is.  My lady wife has worked more days in a row than this so far this summer.  In fact she has worked pretty much every day this summer so I’m small potatoes.  And there are plenty of people who have no choice but to work endless days to make ends meet.  Folks for whom the concept of “day off” is an alien and unknown idea.

But it’s still not fun and probably not good for my health.  It makes me appreciate how good I’ve got it.  When 12 days straight is a “tough” stretch.  I have a job I love that periodically requires me to put my shoulder to the sled and push.  Even better I have others who are pushing with me.  I’m tired but it’s the kind of tired that a couple days off, a good meal, a glass of wine or beer and some time with the love of my life will utterly cure.

This week I am thankful for –

The people who share this walk with me.  I am blessed with great people who have become friends, co-workers and family.

The friendship of young people.  I am honored and humbled that they put their trust in me and shower their affection on me.

This is a good time to remember to be thankful for health.  I am strong enough to make it through this with energy and strength.  If I take it for granted I might easily let it slip away.

For that I am truly thankful.


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