Travelling By Twos – Plus One

Growing up vacation was the big adventure.  It began in the darkness before the dawn.  Bags packed the night before so that we could be “wheels up” bright and early before the bright had even arrived.  Three boys in back grabbing some quick sleep at first then swapping comics or whatever to keep us quiet.  Discord, rancor and misbehavior not permitted.

Traveling bag

The trip that took all five of us to Washington, D.C. in a Volkswagen Beetle still amazes me.  Not merely that didn’t kill one another in those tight quarters but that we fit luggage for five in it!

Then it was vacation with my own family.  Three of us plus my nephew sometimes.  We’ve made pretty good travel companions.  The year we went to Chicago when R was still little enough to be in a car seat.  We recorded the audio of her favorite videos and taught her to use her own cassette player.  We drove deep into the heart of the Midwest as she calmly swapped out tapes, singing along with “Baby Beluga”.

Well today we’re going to do something new and different.  We will travel together as a family of adults.  The destination is Williamsburg, VA.  I’ve been twice, my lady wife has been once and R has only heard us talk about it.

We’ll start tomorrow right before the sun breeches the horizon.  Some of us may choose to doze for a while.  Three drivers and the promise of a cool pool
at the end of a long day of driving.

Traditions new and old.

Looking forward to it.


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