For All These Things

Sometimes it’s little things that bring us joy.

Clearing away months of built up disorder is one of those daunting jobs.  Piles of stuff that you think might be important, that you might want to keep, mixed in with the inevitable dash of junk and trivia.  There’s only one way to deal with this kind of mess.  Roll up your sleeves, wade in and get dirty.

And it’s crazy making for the first half hour.

Yes. No. Yes.  Nnnnnnooo?  Maybe.  No.  No. Yes. Jeez,  I thought I threw that out months ago.  Jeez, I thought that was LOST!  Big piles  turned into little piles, then divided again.  How did that end up here?  Suddenly there are only a couple small piles and a garbage bag filled with junk.  These belong HERE and these belong THERE and I’m using THESE right now so they can stay.

And then you’re done.

Now if I can just keep it this way.

This week I am thankful for –

Continued improvement in my running program.  My first sub 11 minute mile!

A day hanging out with my two favorite women in the world.  Just talking and having fun.

The discipline to try something hard.

For that I am truly thankful.


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