Travelling By Twos – Plus One – Day One and Two

I don’t believe omens.  Not really.

But this trip might just make me change my mind.

Traveling bag

We set out on Wednesday and things were off to a bad start right away.  Less than an hour down the road and one of the various computer alerts on the car went off.  “SVC Tire Monitor”.  My car came with those handy, dandy electronic monitors that track tire pressure while you’re driving.  The right front seems to have packed it in.  With hundreds of miles of driving ahead of us I needed to make sure that all was right with the tires.  Quick detour to a service station to double check the tires.  Most seemed to need at least a little air, the right front needing the most.  My dad was nearby again though.

Never trust the gauge on the inflation hose.  So I went to grab my pressure gauge.  The one he had taught me to always have in my car.  The one that wasn’t there.

Second detour, this time to an auto parts store.  Tire pressures all 5 pounds too high (yep, the old man was right again) so I adjusted them.

And we’re off again.

Easy ride to Ithaca.  Connected with R and off to dinner.  If you enjoy Mexican food I can certainly recommend Viva Taqueria in Ithaca.  Fresh California style taqueria food at a good price.

Seemed like the bad omens were behind us.


Day two was pretty dull really.  We split the driving three ways.  Made a couple stops, only got turned around once (not too badly) and made it to Williamsburg, VA in just about 9 hours total.  Pretty good.

Checked my e-mail just before we arrived and discovered that an opportunity I really wanted had fallen through.  Strike two.

We dumped our luggage at the hotel (Comfort Inn on Bypass Road.  Very nice, two pools, excellent rooms, good service) and headed out to Food For Thought on the recommendation of a friend.

Before I hit the final ill omen let me note – the meal we had at Food For Thought was fabulous.  Service was incredible.  Three thumbs up from us.  We had several truly spectacular meals and this one was in the top 3.


Halfway through an amazingly good crab cake I bit down hard on something.  No idea what but it split one rear molar right down to the nerve.  It felt like that side of my face exploded.  R thought I was having a second stroke.  Only the stroke hurt more.  But not by too much.

We ended the day looking for something like Anbesol (which didn’t help much) and me hoping that the entire vacation wasn’t ruined.

But bad news comes in threes, right?   Please?


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