Travelling By Twos – Plus One – Day Three

The good news first.

I woke up to no pain in my tooth.  Breakfast quickly showed tha

Traveling bag

t the problem hadn’t gone away.  As long as I didn’t chew on the left I was good.  Not optimal but it should work.

Breakfast was at IHOP.  The two ladies made that choice but it does bring an interesting topic to mind.

What, exactly, is up with Pancake/Waffle restaurants in Williamsburg?  They are EVERYWHERE!  Most of them are local places, too.  Service was good, pancakes were good but bacon is definitely the enemy for the time being.

With that behind us it was time for Colonial Williamsburg!  This is a great time to visit by the way.  Temperatures in the low ’80s and most children back in school so the crowds are low.  The weather was glorious the whole time.

(Click on any of the following photos for larger versions)


Williamsburg is a place where you can immerse yourself in history.  We were impressed throughout by the depth of the knowledge of the costumed staff.  They are not just parroting lines.  You can engage them in conversation on the subject at hand.  Even better they will often engage you in conversation to prepare you for the set pieces.  This member of the independent militia company was part of the Storming of the Palace (which takes place daily at 11 AM).  It commemorates a key moment in pre-Revolutionary Williamsburg history when the last Royal Governor removed all the gunpowder from the public stores in the middle of the night.  The conversations around us were quite amazing.

DSCF1508_optThe folks in the various shops are just as knowledgeable.  They are not just playacting roles.  The silversmith shop houses silversmiths, the milliner hat makers and seamstresses, tinsmiths, blacksmiths, weavers, shoe makers, coopers, gunsmiths and more.  All of them actively making the real deal products using the same techniques used in that time and place.  It is astounding to discuss the finer points of the trade with them.  (After years of reading about “hob nailed boots” I’ve actually SEEN a pair.  All because I asked).

DSCF1491_optI had lunch with these two lovelies.  The Kings Arms Tavern is one of the most expensive places to eat in Williamsburg.  Worth every penny.  Peanut soup, Southern Fried Chicken, a Norfolk Pottage Pye (chicken pot pie as it should be made) and a crab cake (NOT by me!).  Add in a Royal Punch, Rummer, chocolate fudge torte and syllabub (Wine-laced Cream whipped to a froth, seasoned with Lemon Zest, and garnished with seasonal Berries).  Astounding.  Sadly I had one bad bite and gave myself quite the jolt.  Still an amazing meal.

DSCF1475_optWe also visited the lovely Bruton Parish Episcopal church.  Lots of knowledgeable Episcopalians to answer questions (500 year old baptismal font, bible stand given by Theodore Roosevelt, etc).  Sadly our schedule had us leaving early on Sunday so attending a service there was out of the question.  Would love to be there for a Christmas Eve service.

At 5 PM there is a muster and trooping of the colors on the green behind the courthouse.  A perfect end to a wonderful day.








Sadly the day didn’t end on a pleasant note.  By the time we were done with our evening dip in the pool (a GREAT way to recharge after a 5 mile walk) we were running late.  So we cruised back up Richmond Road trying to find someplace to eat.  We settled (it was after 8:30) on Carraba’s.  Normally we avoid chains on vacation but we were starving and a lot of places were closed.  The food was wonderful but one stray carrot shred pretty much wiped me out.

Sigh.  This damn tooth is starting to dominate the trip.


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