Travelling By Twos – Plus One – Day Four

Woke this morning without any pain again.  At least the days start off on the right foot with this foolishness.

Traveling bag

Breakfast is still on the pancake express.  Today it was local place Mama Steve’s.  The name was just too good to pass up.  Mama Steve’s is a bit more old fashioned breakfast diner.  Pancakes were delicious but I am always amazed at how expensive a pancake breakfast ends up running.  But hey, it’s vacation.

(Click on any the following photos for a larger version) 

DSCF1545_optWhen you’re only going to be in Williamsburg for two full days you have to pick and choose what you can see.  We passed on the Governor’s Palace and the Capitol building to see as many of the re-enactors  as possible.  We started off with the the stage actors.  The stage is set up on the location of the original theater building.  They did a variety of works all day long but we only managed to see the first one.  It was more of an introductory piece with one of the cast answering questions before they began.  Great fun.  

DSCF1562_optWe thought about hopping a ride on one of the carriages going around town but at $15 a head we decided to save that money for other things.  I think R was a little disappointed.  Maybe me too, just a tiny bit.

DSCF1565_optWe checked in on a couple more shops that we hadn’t seen before.  The cabinet maker showed us that catalog shopping has a much longer history than I would have thought.  They kept plain examples in the shop and you ordered the fancy stuff based on the drawings in the catalog.  Just beautiful work they are still DSCF1566_optturning out.  The other important visit we made was to the military encampment.  The camp cook talked about the rations we would have gotten (um, not something I’d look forward to under any circumstances), we saw “Brown Bess” musket demonstrated and chatted with the sergeant about life in the army in those days.

Interesting side note – I wore my Pittsburgh Dad t-shirt and got a ton of positive reactionl (Pittsburgh Dad is a YouTube series about the classic Dad from the ‘Burgh.  For those of us who grew up with one you’ll recognize him instantly.  If you want to know why your Pittsburgh friends are the way they are this will explain a lot)  Anyone with Pittsburgh connections spoke to me, baseball fans spoke to me wishing the Pirates well (this season the Bucs are everyone’s second favorite team.  Even a Reds fan wished us well).  It reminded me of just how much I love my hometown.

DSCF1578_optWe returned to the evening muster.  This time we got a better view of the Marquis de Lafayette.  The actor was a bit older than the General’s age of 22 in 1781.  On the other hand he really seemed to have the young Frenchman’s charisma.  Got to see more firing drills, bayonet drills and the cannon fire again.  Such fun.DSCF1527_opt

Dinner that night was at a local BBQ place, Rocco’s Smokehouse Grill.  Barbecued meat seemed like a good bet for me plus we were on a real tight timeline.  We had tickets for the “Ghosts Among Us” ghost walk that evening and just didn’t have time to drive far or spend too much time looking for dinner.  A very acceptable meal. (Lunch had been a disappointment.  We had gotten caught up with sightseeing plus the dramatized reading of the Declaration of Independence.  Most of the taverns had already closed for lunch by the time we were ready to go.  So we settled on some very average sandwiches from one of the “bakery” at one of the taverns.  Our least satisfying meal and the only place we came across a Williamsburg employee who wasn’t pleasant)

The ghost walk was fun and a little spooky.  The 7 PM show is child friendly and the 8:30 show is decidedly more “spooky”.  The actors really get into the roles and raised the hair on the back of head a couple times.  R was a little dubious about the whole thing.  Once we talked about it as an acting exercise that let her relax a little more.  Two of the stories were seriously creepy (kudos to the actresses) and one was a ghost story with a happy ending!  All of them are based on stories told in the time period at Williamsburg.

That made for a long day.  My pedometer said we’d clocked over 6 miles of walking.  So back to the hotel to pack and then to bed.


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