Travelling By Twos – Plus One – Day Four

Not much to report.  Mostly a day of travel.  Nine more hours on the road.

Traveling bag

Breakfast was at the hotel.  Packed the car with all our souvenirs.  R got a variety of things but her pride and joy was a tri-corn hat with cockade and a maple wood fife.  My lady wife got a book on the ghosts of Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown plus a Bruton parish Christmas ornament and DVD.  For me it was several pieces of Williamsburg pottery.  I had hoped to snag a tri-color cockade but couldn’t find one any where.  Ah well.

Oh and we all came home with wonderful memories.

There is still plenty for us to see if we decide to go back.  All of us would be willing to do that.

(Click on any the following photos for a larger version) 

DSCF1488_optBut maybe not this.  LOL.

(Post script – when I got home I went immediately to my dentist.  Diagnosis?  I had split a back molar right down to the nerve.  Normally the gums hold it together so it doesn’t hurt.  When I chew using that tooth the halves are forced apart exposing the nerve.  Which hurts.  A lot.

The dentist doesn’t think it is repairable so I will end up having it pulled. In about 3 weeks.  Sigh.  Soft food for a while I guess)


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