Time to Get Real – Week of September 16


No I didn’t forget.

Two weeks on the road has put me WAAAAAY behind.  I’m only just getting caught up.  But I weighed in as per usual.

I had some serious hopes for this week.  The week before I had split a molar.  Split it like a log apparently, right down to the nerve.  So I can only chew on one side of my face.  Can’t see the oral surgeon till next week.  My dentist is of the opinion that there’s no saving the tooth so it will have to come out.

What this has meant is that I have to take very small bites and chew very slowly.  If I don’t then food ends up on the wrong side of my mouth and that hurts.  A lot.

Sounds like a great little weight loss trick right?

Yeah, till you start drinking your calories.  Spent most of last week with some of favorite people and we would relax over a drink.  Or two.  Liquid calories add up MUCH faster than most of us think.

The news on the scale was probably the best I could have hoped for this week.  (Boy, I’m tired of saying that).  Picked that .8 of a pound back up.  That’s fine, back at it.  When the tooth actually comes out I will certainly lower my caloric intake for a while.

Official Weigh In Weight



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