Time to Get Real – Week of September 23


Well there had to be an upside coming eventually.

I keep thinking that this broken tooth thing was going to work for me as a weight loss tool.

And the first two weeks were decidedly not so much.

Finally this week I’m seeing the whole upside of being in pain when I eat.

The reality is that it limits the foods I can eat.  Anything that requires a lot of chewing (this includes most fresh fruits and vegetables), anything that has lots of little pieces (bacon, multi-grain items, tomatoes, even the fine pieces of ground beef in chili), all these things are just off the menu.  A single tomato seed over the weekend stopped me cold.  The downside is that I’m reduced to eating lots of soft, smooth items.  Which means a lot of things like potatoes which I generally try to avoid.  But whatever keeps body and soul together.

The other part of this is that if I can get through most of a meal without pain I have taken to quitting while I’m ahead.  So portion control is greatly enhanced.

The downside has been the weather hasn’t been cooperative and my exercise has fallen off.  So I was a little worried going into the weekly weigh in.

And the news was good!  I see the oral surgeon tomorrow for a consultation.  No idea how soon the tooth can be pulled but there will be a further period of limited eating.  So maybe that next milestone is about to fall.  Dropped 2.5 pounds!

Official Weigh In Weight

192.0 pounds


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