Time to Get Real – Week of September 30


Not going to pretend that I’m proud of this post.  Because I’m not.

I did not weigh in this week.  I was heading into oral surgery, my tooth was finally starting to bother me and that made food selection very limited.  So I ended up eating a lot of stuff that simply wasn’t going to help.  Also my usual weigh in time is Monday morning and that’s when I had to be at the surgeon’s.

And yes, EVERY SINGLE ONE of those “reasons” are excuses.  I own that 100%.

Here’s the deal – well into middle age I’ve had virtually no dental work done.  No cavities, nothing.  Wisdom teeth pulled over three decades ago.  Dentist offices freak me out and they have been my total focus this week.  Once this is over with I can focus again.

But not at the moment.

P.S. – Surgery went well, I should heal quickly and I can go back to eating like a normal person again in a week.

Official Weigh In Weight (leftovers from last week)

192.0 pounds


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