For All These Things

There are things you don’t know you value until they are gone from your life.  For me, that has been any sense of regularity, any connection with routine.

Now that’s kind of funny because I’ve made a reputation for myself over the years as the person who can make the adjustment, can get caught on the fly and make it work, the person who can sit in the midst of chaos and function.

What many people, even me, never realized is what lies underneath that.  My routine allows me to know what I’m trying to do, where I’m trying to go.  On stage, or on the air, or in the middle of an event I always try to walk in with an understanding of what is SUPPOSED to happen.  Then when things  go wrong I can keep my head up and say “OK, if we head over this way we can work our way back to where we want to be.”.  My preparation is part of my routine.  When I short circuit that routine things tend to go very badly indeed.

Lately I haven’t been able to settle into a routine.  My long standing routine has to change to match up with changes in my overall work environment.  Those changes are fine, in fact I’m all for them.  But there were so many other things that all needed to be done simultaneously (or at least some folks they had to be done right then) that I haven’t been able to create that new routine.

This week I laid out my plan for a new routine and had it approved.  The level of stress that’s taken out of my life (just with the decision) has been amazing.  My hope is that now I can once again get everything pointed in the right direction again.

There is a relief and comfort in routine.

This week I am thankful for –

For a police officer giving me a break when he had me dead to rights,

The beauty of frost rimed tree branches,

The sound of moving water (falling gently on the roof in this case).

For that I am truly thankful.


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