For All These Things

This is the day.

THE day for what this post is all about.  It’s Thanksgiving Day.  The day we are supposed to be truly thankful for all the good things in our lives.

But it feels like we’re just going through the motions.  Thankful for a couple days off from work.  Thankful for more food than we really need to eat.  Thankful for football and/or a day of shopping madness.

THAT’S what Thanksgiving is all about?  Somehow I don’t think so.  If the discipline of doing this post each week has taught me anything it’s that there are so many things to be thankful for that we need to stop and appreciate.  I’ve spent far, far, FAR too much of my life NOT being thankful for the things in my life.  Even the hard times because I’ve probably learned my greatest lessons from them.  How can I say thank you for all the things in my life in a few words, a few lines, a few minutes?

It’s not possible.  So I won’t try.  I’ll keep on being thankful day in and day out, week in/week out, month in/month out, year in/year out.

This week I am thankful for –

For family – the one I started with my lady wife, the one that raised me and the one that let me join them,

For friends – too often take for granted.  I love you all and cherish you,

The readers of this blog – I don’t know how you came here, I don’t know why you stay.  But I am thankful for each and every one of you.

For that I am truly thankful.


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