For a New Year

Well 2013 was quite the experience.

My wife and I tried living apart for almost 4 months, the longest we’ve been apart in more than 30 years.  We didn’t like it.  But we’re doing it again in just a matter of days.

My daughter began advanced studies aimed at a Master’s Degree.  So far it has made her a better writer, a more confident person and taken her (with some little drama not of her own making) to Ireland.  She’s going to do it again as well (although we hope without the drama bit).

I lost the best job I’ve ever had after 13 years.  That has been both painful and inspiring.  The truth is that it was time for some kind of change.  Either move on or re-create what I was doing all together.  I’m nervous but excited.  To those who made the last 13 years the amazing ride it has been my thanks and appreciation.  I’ll keep you up date on the journey.  All I know is that I am headed somewhere I didn’t anticipate.  Kind of enjoy that really!

My travels this year took me to Del Ray, Florida, St. Louis, MO; New York City including a trip to City Island for some of the best seafood I’ve ever had; toured the wine country of northeastern Ohio; Williamsburg, VA; and a couple trips to play tourist in Pittsburgh.  There was a LOT of driving back and forth to Buffalo and the surrounding area.

I’ve continued to struggle with the weight gain of a couple years ago.  I’ve made some progress but not enough.  The time off will let me focus better and, with any luck at all, jump start that process.

I want to focus on my writing and guitar playing this year.  It’s time to let my creativity have some breathing room.  Also a good time to do some more winnowing down of the many years accretion of stuff.  I will be digitizing anything of value.  Got some toys to help with that this Christmas.

So 2013 was a good year.  I’m hoping for even more in 2014.


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