Life Among the Unemployed

Well, it’s time to face it.   For the third time in my career I’m unemployed.  The only advantage of having this kind of background is that I have learned a few things on how to survive it.  My plan for this period include:

  1. Find a routine – It is so easy to just go limp.  You don’t HAVE to go anywhere or be there at specific times.  You are without a schedule.  That freedom is so seductive.  That freedom is a siren’s song, designed to lure you onto the rocks.  Find a routine, create a routine, stick to that routine.
  2. Be Productive –  Part of your routine should be expectations that you will do something productive every day.  Even better?  Several things.  Keep the house clean.  Keep yourself clean.  Actively look for the next job.  Try something you’ve always wanted to do but never “had the time”.
  3. Have a Little Fun – Yes, money is tight right now.  Yes, cut back and be careful.  At the same time you need to keep some joy in your life.  Every once in a while treat yourself to something.  Doesn’t have to be expensive, it just needs to be fun.  Your mental attitude will be much better.

So that’s the core of my plan.  My routine is to get up at 7 AM, workout, keep the house clean, write, practice my guitar.  Take care of whatever chores are on the list for that day.  Plan meals.  Routine and productive.  I have a new project I want to work on as well.  I’ll take myself out to see a movie on cheap matinee days.

And I’ll keep you up to date on how that goes.


4 thoughts on “Life Among the Unemployed

  1. My “liking” this post forced me to log in to WordPress…which I have been avoiding like the plague. I am on a self-induced holiday this week in your fair city (aka hiding out in my offspring’s apartment in Pittsburgh and recovering from December). Perhaps this log-in will prompt me to write again? Thanks for the kick in the pants, and good luck to you. We should have coffee sometime and compare notes.


  2. When I was unemployed I liked the concept of not having a routine. All of a sudden I could stay up REALLY late and read. Or if I woke up at 3 in the morning and felt like doing email, I could. Or if I wanted to take a nap at 10 in the morning (because I was up at 3 doing email), I could. Release yourself from routine and be free!


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