Life Among the Unemployed January 23

Well, life goes on.  There are some bumps but over all I’m rolling along.

On the subject of routine from last week I would differentiate between a routine and a schedule.  A schedule is, to borrow a phrase from the English TV show “Rumpole of the Bailey”, “She who must be obeyed”.  A schedule says you will do this at this time.  To be honest I’m not necessarily a big fan of “schedule” in general.  They’re necessary(especially in the work environment) and I deal with them fine but I don’t believe they are needed in all situations at all times.  For me routine is something different.  It means that certain actions or events are a regular part of my life.  They may happen a little earlier or a little later some days but they take place.  I’ve found over the years that routine is important to me.  At the moment I’m having a little trouble because there has been nothing routine about my life.  Travelling to Missouri and back, a series of interviews while I was there, back home for a little while and then travelling again this week.  (Yes, my life is a little more, what to call it, interesting(?), than most unemployed people)  Hard to work on a “routine” when you’re trapped in the Philadelphia airport for the day.  Right now I’m focused on just getting through the day.  I’ll hope for the routine to begin once I get home.

I have not gotten signed up for unemployment compensation yet.  Yes, I know that’s bad.  I have tried and the system kicked me out.  Once I get home I’ll try again.  It’s something that I need to do when I can sit and concentrate.  Not something to try right now.

The beginning of this week was a good time for me.  It was great to be with people who obviously care about and respect me.  At a point in your life like this that kind of positive reinforcement is very, very important.  The week between the Missouri trip and this one was the first real “down time” I’ve had since the last day at work.  The emotional weight began to hit then.  Made even harder because at the moment I’m a guy who lives alone with two cats, lol.  Having something to focus on has been a great help in getting my head back to where it needs to be.

In a lot of ways my real time of unemployment begins when I get home from this trip.

The cats will be glad to see me too.

And I’ll keep you up to date on how that goes.


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