Time to Get Real – Week of January 26



As in I don’t even want to write this post.  I want to go away, curl up in a ball and feel sorry for myself.  I want to make excuses and throw a pity party for myself.

It was a bad week.  But it was going to be a tough week under any circumstances.  It was a travel week.  A week when I’m with people I like but with whom I have to spend long hours sitting in meetings.  So I ate a little more than I should, drank just a tiny bit more than I should and got basically zero exercise.

All things considered it could have been worse.  Can you imagine how sick unto God I am of writing that damn sentence?  I’m tired of this swaying back and forth in a three pound range.

There’s is not more travel in my immediate future.  My birthday is coming but if I can control that to splurging at a single meal it can be OK.  Most importantly it’s time to stop messing around on the exercise.  The problem is, of course, that I don’t really enjoy exercise.  It’s boring and particularly at first it hurts.  I prefer exercise that takes me outside.  Right now the temps are below 20 degrees with wind chills dipping below zero.  So I need to work the inside workouts.

It’s doable.  If I do it.

I don’t want to write that sentence any more.

Doesn’t change my resolution:

I will break through the milestone weight that keeps eluding me.  I really want to do it before my wife comes home for her first visit (early February).  So let’s set a solid goal.  Past the milestone by my birthday, February 9.  Here we go.

Official Weigh In Weight

195.0 pounds

Weight Change this week –   +1.0 pounds

Total Weight Loss To Date – 9.8 pounds

Goal Weight and Total to Lose – 175/30


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