Life Among the Unemployed January 30

I said that the unemployment really begins this past week.

Sigh.  Yeah.

This week I had my first anxious moment.  As in waking up in the middle of the night terrified about all things that might happen, that haven’t happened, that need to happen, that I haven’t made happen.  I’m a chronic worrier so it had to happen eventually.  I was awake for about a half an hour while I went through my routine to overcome these middle of the night problems.  Reminding myself that there is NOTHING I can do about any of those issues in the middle of the night.  Plan what I CAN do about them after I get to the daylight hours.  Calm, relax, release.

And the next morning I did what I planned.  I’m a third of the way through my “safety zone”.  I do have a job where I’m one of two prime candidates.  There’s at least one other place that may have some interest.  I’m working on finding a consultant to work with me.  I’m keeping my eyes open, trying to be open to any possibility.  Maybe it’s time to change careers again.  I’m OK with that.  Much to some people’s surprise I am absolutely open to moving.  Whatever it takes to find a job that I can enjoy and allows me to care for my family.

Of course, if there’s something in the Pittsburgh area I would be there in a blink!  LOL.

I keep coming back to the subject of routine (I’m still trying to establish one).  Here’s a story I meant to share earlier about the importance of routine.  My hot lead is in the St. Louis area.  I had driven out there for another purpose but had set up some interviews during that time.  The tentative schedule had been for Friday through Sunday.  I had planned to take Thursday to explore the area and get a feel for it.  So the plan for Thursday was to drive my wife to her destination then go on for my wander through the neighborhood.  When I got up I thought I’d just take a quick shower and skip the full morning routine.  At the last minute I decided to shave and skip the bum look.  On our drive that morning my phone rang.  It was the folks I would be interviewing with that weekend.  They wondered if we could do a quick interview at lunch THAT day!  It would have been tight trying to run back, get cleaned up and make to the interview.  Because I’d followed my routine I was ready for a sudden change of direction.


Of course if I’d followed my routine this post would have appeared yesterday.

So we still try to make our way.  I have to make sure that I get something done on my various lists every day.  I haven’t had a day that’s been perfect but then that also includes perfect flops.

One day at a time.


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