Life Among the Unemployed April 3

Several phone interviews over the last week.  I thought all of them went well.  Looks like I have a least a couple follow up interviews too.  Yay.


Having said that I’ve already been notified that I won’t a candidate for one of those positions as they move into their final phase.  Always disappointing and I always wonder why.  So I ask.  I know that it’s a potentially uncomfortable question for the folks at the other.

A: What do I have to lose at that point, they’ve already eliminated me,

B: It shows that I’m willing to learn from any mistakes,

C: I can learn things that may help down the road.

Sometimes you’re just not the right person.  That’s fine.  Sometimes you present something in a manner that just isn’t quite perfect.  Those are the ones I want to catch.  And sometimes you learn something unpleasant.  I found out that someone told one committee (NOT this latest one) what I believe to be an outright lie about me.  Sadly, they chose to believe it rather than follow up and discover the truth.  Which means I probably didn’t want to work there.

Strange Happenings Department –

My pet cat Zaphod (before you ask, yes) has become increasingly displeased with my phone interviews and Skype interviews.  She will jump on the desk and begin trying to distract me.  Last week she almost got tangled up in the curtains over my desk which would have resulted in her taking out pretty much everything ON my desk.  Silly cat.

And with much embarrassment I admit the following.  I’m sure no one is surprised to discover that I work from a couple of “stock” cover letters.  They are entirely my creation but I have standard ones for both youth ministry positions and communication positions.  They are crafted to emphasize the additional points I want in front of the decision makers and have places where I can “personalize” them for each job.

Yeah, about that…

You have to make sure you change all (make that ALL) the personalized portions as you send each version out.  Overlooking that tiny detail is how jobs in Maryland and Michigan got letters talking about how I looked forward to working with their teams in …Knoxville.


Both places were very understanding about the mistake.  I will be triple checking them from now on.  Idiot.

So I’m ready for my next real job.

Whatever it turns out to be.

And I’ll keep you up to date on how that goes.


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