Life Among the Unemployed April 17(18)

One of the the things that happen when you’re thinking about a new job that requires a move is you start looking at all your “stuff”.


Specifically, you look at it and think “Do I REALLY want to pack all this crap and move it?”

So I’ve been caught up in sorting, evaluating and deciding.  Which resulted in me completely forgetting to post yesterday.  I was being productive, I promise!

We’ve actually pared down our stuff to a tremendous degree.  We only moved to our current apartment about three years.  Since we were moving from a two story, three bedroom house to a two bedroom apartment we had to make some serious decisions about what we really valued.  We’ll be making even more decisions for the next move.  In the end “stuff” isn’t what is important.  I could start over with nothing just as long as my lady wife was with me.  I could start over by myself with nothing too but it would be much harder (in so many ways!).

In the meantime I have been notified by a NEW opening that I’m a finalist for the position!  So I have three positions that I am at least technically still an active candidate for (one of which I have not heard from in over two months, sigh) and am told I’m still in the running for a fourth one.  To be honest I wish those last two would get their butts in gear.  The former just seems to have gotten stuck.  I’m pretty sure that they would prefer me as a backup choice rather than a first choice.  If you have those kinds of reservations, why not just move on?  There’s something going on there that I don’t understand.  The longer it goes the more I begin to have serious doubts about the position.

As for the latter, they seem to lack some urgency.  They’ve told me that they are interested, they’ve asked to be apprised of any one else moving ahead of them on the process timeline (which I’ve done) but there doesn’t seem to be any movement to move the process.  It’s been two weeks since my phone interview with them.  They said that I was leading off the process and that there were other candidates.  OK, fine.  Even with Holy Week (this is a church position) chewing up a LOT of time I’m confused.  I’ve been on the other end of the process within the last year.  It’s very frustrating because this one could be one of my top two choices at the moment.  So I guess I’m lucky that I have multiple possibilities.

For the record I am excited about the possibilities of ALL FOUR positions at the top of the list.  I’m only just learning about this newest one so it may work its way up the list quickly.

But it’s all crazy making.

I’m ready for my next real job.

Whatever it turns out to be.

And I’ll keep you up to date on how that goes.


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