Life Among the **Employed May 23

Sorry I’m running late.  But that’s pretty much the story of my life right now.

There are a bazillion details (no, really.  A bazillion, I counted them) that are demanding my attention.  We’ve been going round and round trying to figure out how we going to get moved.  Finding the moving company turned out to be the easy part.  Trying to juggle the details of getting our lease signed for our new apartment has been more complicated.  The only solution was to add a lightning trip down to Midlothian next week.  Both my wife and I have to be there to sign.  Plus we have to have the utilities in our name, and a payment ready, and have our insurance all squared away.

Meanwhile there’s all these boxes that need to be packed.  Tomorrow’s To Do List has 13 items on it.

Oh, and did I mention our basement flooded yesterday and we have no hot water?

Overwhelmed?  Yeah, that about sums it up.  I try to keep focused on the exciting new opportunities that are waiting for me.

I’m ready for my next real job.

Now I know what that will be.

And I’ll keep you up to date on how that goes.


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