Time to Get Real – Week of May 25


Next week the weigh ins will resume.  I promise.

I am truly NOT looking forward to that event.

The last several weeks have been stressful.  The job related stress is one thing, then you add in the pain that comes from saying goodbye to people and places that have been a huge part of my life for three decades.  Lots of those wonderful people have invited me to share food and drink.  I am not about to say no to any such invitation.  The downside of it is that I have consumed many, many calories.  Many, many, many calories.  The ligting and packing have provided some exercise but I’m not even going to try and convince myself that it will be enough to overcome the caloric overload.  Besides, my pants are decidedly tighter.


The good news is that our new apartment complex has a fitness center just on the other side of the pool from our place.  Getting back into a routine should help me re-create the discipline that was working so well earlier this year.

I just have to accept that there’s going to be a really ugly number headed my way next week.

My resolution:

Time to name the next goal.  I like them to be reasonable and achievable for my short term goals (the long term one is at the bottom here).  So we take it five pounds at a time.  185, I’m looking at you.

Official Weigh In Weight

192.2 pounds

Weight Change this week –  +2.6 pounds

Total Weight Loss To Date –  12.4 pounds

Goal Weight and Total to Lose – 175/30


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