Life Among the **Employed May 29

Today is the day.

The moving company arrives this morning.

We move out tomorrow.

The furniture arrives at the new place on Saturday.

I begin my new job/ministry on Sunday.

People have been asking me how I feel.  My answer has been “Mostly excited with a side order of terrified”.  Today the side order has become the main course.

I do want to make one thing clear at this point.  I have no reservations about this new job.  I am really excited by the challenge, I’m happy because Redeemer already feels like home and I am more than ready for the change.  They seem very excited about me coming as well.  Everyone here is sure that I’m going to do a great job.

And yes, all that is making me a little jumpy.

There is something called the “imposter phenomenon”, where people who are successful don’t feel like they earned it.  I’ve always had a slight dose of that.  Consequently, I’m always afraid that I’m going to let the people around me down.  People who believe I can help them.  People who believe in me.

I’ve never acknowledged this before.  This new position is a time for me to begin anew.  I believe in my ability to do this job.  I can’t guarantee success.  But I can guarantee that I will give everything I have.  And, if I’m being honest, that’s always worked before.

I believe it’s going to work this time too.

Which means I need to leave this part of my life behind as well.

I can do this.  I have the experience and the gifts.

I’m ready for my next real job.

Now I know what that will be.

And I’ll keep you up to date on how that goes.


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