A New Beginning – June 12


This second week seems to have flown by.  The house is starting to come together, enough that we’re thinking about having some people over.  My office is coming together as well.  Lots of things going on there as we all try and figure out just what this new job is going to be about.  Had a couple chances to meet some of the young people.  All very impressive.

I’m still having that “vaguely lost” thing going on.  There are several areas where I know my way around in that confined, geographic space.  But the relationship between those spaces?  Still very much a puzzle.  Every day we explore a little more and are getting the hang of it.

We now have TV (Dish), phone, internet, a bank, a local insurance agent, one car registered and one driver’s license.  Long story but we should wrap up the remainder by week’s end.  Then we need to get the cars inspected and I think we will have completed the “official” transition to being Virginians.

Wow.  Tomorrow will be two weeks.


Today is our wedding anniversary.  We will celebrate with dinner in Virginia Beach, overlooking the ocean.  32 years ago today we were married on a hot and humid day.  That night we took off for Williamsburg, VA for our honeymoon.  Seems like we’ve circled round on this one.  It’ll be hot and humid again tomorrow.

Things I’ve discovered this week:

  • U-turns are a way of life down here.
  • If you need a dentist, a veteranarian, or a Mexican restaurant, you’re golden in this area.  They are everywhere.
  • The Commonwealth of Virginia offers more than 200 license plate versions.  We are seriously considering the “Parrothead” version when we need to re-new our plates next year.  The selection is mind boggling.
  • Still haven’t met a grumpy person down here.
  • Food update –  Tried my first burger from Five Guys.  Just might be the best burger I’ve ever had.  Must remember to order the small from now on.  Standard at Five Guys is a double burger.  Had a pretty good pizza from Twisted Tomato, and some very good Mexican at Mi Hacienda.  Some lovely Italian at Dolce Vita, which is quite close to our place.  No Chinese yet.  Have our eye on a beach themed place over on Hull St. Rd. (not a typo) Do need to stop eating out quite so much.
  • Road names can be perplexing.  First of all, if they like a name they will use it over and over.  For roads, shopping centers, apartment complexes, etc.  Then you have things like Hull Street Road.  No idea what’s going on there.  It’s an ongoing puzzle.  Then there are the signs.  Standard Interstate and US Route, plus a rounded shield, a circle and the rounded shield upside down.  Still working on those.
  • We hit the pool.  It was lovely.

It’s a new beginning.


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