A New Beginning – June 19


There are almost no unpacked boxes left in the living areas!  Major achievement!  We’ve even started hanging some art on the walls.  It is beginning to feel like “our place”.  I think that unsettled feeling has begun to nag at both of us.

Some upheaval at work.  After some serious introspection one of our clergy has decided to move on.  All for good reasons and I wish her the very best.  But it’s unsettling.  There’s that word again.  Unsurprisingly, there are some issues that have been bubbling up in the youth ministry.  Serious but not earth shattering, I think.  I’m working on a way forward that can help heal and point us toward growth and God.  That’s the plan at least!

Our conversion to Virgians continues.  Donna’s car is registered and inspected.  Her license is in the mail.  I got my license yesterday.  The good news?  It’s valid till 2022.  The bad news is that I have to live with the WORST ID photo ever taken of me till 2022.  No, I will not be sharing it.  Hideous.  As for my car, somehow we misplaced the title during the move.  So we’re shelling out for a replacement.  Then we’ll re-title it in VA, register and inspect it.  Oh, and we found a great mechanic!  So next up for exploration is a place to get my hair cut.  I’m getting shaggy and it’s getting hot.  Bad combination.

I’m getting better at getting around.

Weather – hot.  Make that HOT.  And humid.  Near 100 yesterday according to my car thermometer.  So far I’m surviving.

Food – Still eating out too much.  Had a business lunch at the DoG Street Pub in Williamsburg (Duke of Gloucester), which was very good.  Then we headed out to Virginia Beach for our wedding anniversary dinner at Waterman’s Surfside Grille.  Fabulous.  On the beach, good food, excellent “orange crush” house specialty drinks.  Really had a wonderful time.  Also tried the Cinebistro.  It’s set up so you can have dinner and watch a movie.  Food was excellent, prices were reasonable for the quality of the food (and it’s good mid-level stuff) and enjoyed the movie “Edge of Tomorrow”.

Things I’ve discovered this week:

  • This is a VERY pet friendly part of the world.  Stores, vets, pet salons, pet bakeries, pets welcomed into places of business, etc.
  • Local drivers tend to drive at or above the speed limit at all times.  They are very polite, generally.  Put it this way Virginians at their worst are 10x nicer than New Yorkers at their worst.
  • There seems to be no tradition of moving over to allow traffic to merge from an on ramp.  Almost never happens, even when there is room.
  • Still haven’t met a grumpy person down here.
  • Figured out some of my road confusion.  The signs indicate primary and secondary routes (difference between “state route” and “county road” in NY maybe?).  And the “Hull Street Road” seems to be the equivalent of an “Extension” in NY.  Hull Street starts in Richmond then extends beyond the city limits.  At which point it becomes Hull St. Rd.

It’s a new beginning.


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