A New Beginning – June 26


It’s starting to feel like “home” in our new apartment.  Pictures going up on the walls, almost all the boxes unpacked (last several are all my stuff and I have no idea where it’s going to go.  So I’m employing the age old solution to such problems.  I’m ignoring them).

The only official change still lagging is getting my car registered in VA.  Somehow we seem to have lost the title.  So we’ve requested a new one from NY.  The NY replacement will cost more than the VA one.

Oh, and health insurance.  Maybe this week.  We’re working on it, trust me.  Then doctors.

Still have no idea where to get my hair cut.  That’s going to be a vital decision very soon.  Too much hair for this much heat.

I’m doing my first ever Vacation Bible School this week!  I’m just being the “fill in around the edges” guy.  This will be interesting.  For me and the kids!

Hit our first historical site this week.  Walked through part of the Petersburg Battle Site National Park (or whatever its official name is).  Some of the site was very good but the explanatory signage leaves a lot to be desired.  Military terms were used without explanation, the site of the Battle of the Crater doesn’t really make it clear WHERE the crater was, that kind of thing.  Otherwise pretty good.

Weather – Actually had a cool (high 70s to low 80s) day on Sunday.  Otherwise the weather is becoming much less an issue.  It’s hot.

Food – We keep saying we’re going to slow down.  Not so far.  Let’s see, what did we hit this week?  The Crazy Greek, a local legend, we hit their second location, near us.  Pretty good stuff.  Hit another Mexican restaurant (I’m telling you, they are EVERYWHERE down here.  It’s become a joke for us.)  Casa Grande, also not far from us.  Truly excellent and they make fresh guacamole right at your table!  There was a local Indian food festival we hit on Saturday.  Very spicy but very good.  Also tried Cinebistro.  Concept is good food (very good food) in a comfortable movie viewing environment.  You can go just for the movie but if you’re doing dinner you get there 30 minutes early and order EVERYTHING you’ll want.  Dinner, drinks (full bar), dessert and movie watching supplies (popcorn, etc).  It’s ALL delivered before the movie begins.  Given the rather small tables (think the folding desks from colleg days) that can be a challenge.  Food was outstanding and we really liked the movie (“Edge of Tomorrow”).  Not an inexpensive night out but fun for something special.

Things I’ve discovered this week:

  • Still no grumpy people, almost a month now.  Not a sullen checkout clerk, no road rage drivers…
  • No Canadian beer.  Lots of beer, including some highly regarded local micros.  But no sign of any of the standby Canadians.  Kind of odd.  At least in the bars, as singles sales or six packs.  Haven’t looked at cases (I don’t drink THAT much beer!)
  • My new diocese does not have a cathedral.  And they are moving their diocesan offices.  New location still a little hush-hush.  I remember those days!
  • Our new church home does some things differently too.  No bishop’s chair (or throne as was the old custom).  They also sing v.4 of “My Country Tis of Thee” right after the Doxology.
  • My new bishop is a pretty good preacher.  Always a plus.

It’s a new beginning.


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